FUN-CASINO Affiliate Program: commissions up to 40%


FUN-CASINO – An Amazing 40% of Revenue Available to Affilate Members

Join the most profitable affiliate program in the world by FUN-CASINO and earn even more gaming traffic!

Our experienced support team will work with you to maximize your earnings from the affiliate program, so that together we will earn more.

Affiliate program by FUN-CASINO gives every player the opportunity to attract new players and earn money!

Participant in the program could be anyone, you need to go to the Settings tab and choose “Affiliate Profile”. Then you need to click “Create affiliate profile”.

Each generated link can be given to potential new players. It can also be “built in” the banner for promotion, and the affiliate will be able to choose a suitable banner out of several. Going through this link and registering with FUN-CASINO, a new player is marked as “attracted” by the affiliate. You can generate many links for different situations and marketing channels.

The affiliate is able to choose the payment scheme for the attracted partners for each link. FUN-CASINO works on Revenue Share scheme - percentage of revenue from the players involved.

Statistics on new players visits, their gaming activity and the income from them can be seen through the “Affiliate Profile”. Once a month Partner is billed by administrator, so his earned funds are credited to his account in FUN-CASINO.

Monthly revenue (FUNCs)up to 2000020000-4000040000-6000060000+

FUNC Affiliate = FUNC Investor!

Do you know that FUNC affiliates automatically become FUNC holders and can participate in the casino weekly Profit Distribution?

How does it work?

  1. You register at Fun-Casino
  2. Create your affiliate Profile (choosing Rev Share scheme)
  3. Start bringing new FUNC players to the casino (using affiliate promo in your Affiliate Profile)
  4. Receive your Affiliate commission (a percentage of FUNC revenue from the players involved)
  5. Your FUNC earnings will be held on your casino account. You can play them increasing their amount or simply receive your every Friday casino dividends!

That’s so simple to earn with Fun-Casino!

We offer all our affiliates:

  • - High conversion rates
  • - Aggressive commission structure
  • - Values above the average for each player
  • - Real Partnership

If you are an experienced affiliate partner with many connections and would like to discuss specific terms of partnership, contact us today via Telegram to start earning today, or register with the FUNCASINO site and click on tab AFFILIATE PROFILE on your Profile page.

Withdrawal fee: None Our office is simply overflowing with all the marketing tools (banners, newsletters and etc.) you need to become a successful Fun-Casino affiliate. Be successful with us! Be our affiliate!