During FUN-CASINO account registration every player understands and accepts the following conditions and limitations:

1 - All bonuses can only be received once per person, per household/IP, unless otherwise stated.

2 - FUN-CASINO reserves the right to change this agreement according to its needs. FUN-CASINO will use reasonable efforts to notify players of when changes are made. However, the player is obliged to review the FUN-CASINO terms regularly.

3 - After successful casino account registration, the player is required and agrees for recognition: terms of this Agreement (as well as their changes and adjustments), and the FUN-CASINO games rules.

4 - Using FUN-CASINO allowed only players 18+ years of age or the age of maturity in his / her jurisdiction, depending on higher the age limit.

5 - Using FUN-CASINO prohibited to players who live in countries where gambling using software applications FUN-CASINO is forbidden.

6 - If you are a player from US or any of its states, you won’t be allowed to play FUNCoins.

7 - Before betting, the player is required to verify the laws on gambling that its jurisdiction shall determine the place where FUNCASINO is used. It is the sole responsibility of the player to know and understand the laws in force in his / her jurisdiction. Player is solely responsible for any consequences resulting from his / her determination of the legality of Internet gaming in his / her jurisdiction.

8 - Commercial use of FUN-CASINO is prohibited. The player gambles in FUN-CASINO solely for personal purposes.

9 - Player fully understands and accepts the rules of the game in FUN-CASINO.

10 - The player is fully aware of the fact that there is a risk of losing money in FUN-CASINO. Present the player agrees that FUN-CASINO reserves the right to limit and / or refuse to bid. In case of any dispute regarding a wager or winnings, the decisions of FUN-CASINO are final and binding for the player.

11 - The player is fully personally liable for the payment of taxes, levies, duties as a result of the income derived from FUN-CASINO games. If the winning is taxed at a player’s jurisdiction, the player has to keep track and report the winnings to the appropriate tax authorities of his country.

12 - FUN-CASINO is aimed at instant UNLIMITED FUNCoin funds withdrawal to players Bitshares/OpenLedger accounts (on casino administator’s approval).

13 - You can claim only one bonus at a time. Any bonuses and/or winnings gained by fraud will be annulled by FUN-CASINO management.

14 - Information regarding FUNCoin deposits, bonuses within FUN-CASINO can be required by FUNC holders only and can be provided to them in case of casino administrator approval.

15 - FUN-CASINO reserves the right to cancel or change the cash back offer without any explanations.

16 - Withdrawal and making some changes in payment instructions is subject to clearance by the FUN-CASINO security.

17 - FUN-CASINO employees and their families are not eligible to register in FUN-CASINO.

18 - FUN-CASINO pursues a policy of “zero tolerance” for fraud and uses special measures to detect fraud. By opening an account, the player understands that the fraudulent acts committed against any online casino operator or payment service provider will result in forfeiture of the fraudster account balance. FUN-CASINO also suppose that Black/Red roulette system, The Martingale System, The Anti-Martingale Roulette System, Five Number Roulette System and etc. are fraud and not allowed.

19 - If it is found that the players involved in the strategy or model of the game against FUN-CASINO, FUN-CASINO, in its sole discretion, considers such actions to be offensive, and reserves the right to close the account, deduct the cost of processing associated with an account of the amount of the final payment. Notice to the player will come in advance of any such deductions.

20 - FUN-CASINO reserves the right to reduce the balance in “dormant accounts” (the account holder performs no deposits, bets or withdrawals). An account considered “dormant” if the period of inactivity reaches and/or exceeds 180 days. The casino reserves the right to terminate such account and withhold any cash available on the account balance. If the player decides to re-activate his Dormant Account, they shall contact casino support team.

21 - In case of duplicate (multiple) accounts FUN-CASINO will reject player’s withdrawals.

22 - Players should remember that it is useful to print a copy of all transaction data, rules, payment methods and cancellation / refund payments to avoid any confusion later.

23 - The player acknowledges that FUN-CASINO random number generator will determine the outcome of all games. In the unlikely event of a dispute, the player agrees that FUN-CASINO decision will be final and binding. FUN-CASINO reserves the right to make final decision on the transaction methods. FUN-CASINO reserves the right to qualify the nature of each transaction individually. Players agree that they cannot appeal the decision concerning this item.

24 - Once all Fair games rules observed, Fun-casino guarantees instant withdrawal to its players. If not, player always has a chance to play again following the rules to get their money back.

25 - The player agrees that he/she has fully read and understood correctly all the above conditions, and expressly agrees to comply with them. In case of a dispute all FUN-CASINO decisions will be final.

26 - FUN-CASINO reserves the right to change promo terms and conditions any required time, depending on the users activity and behavior, including here promo termination.

Any questions concerning this Agreement should be addressed to Telegram.

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Last Modified: May 10, 2017