What is FUNCoin?

Being a decentralized and blockchain-based token, today FUNCoin occupies its own niche in the crypto market together with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ehereum and others.

FUNCoin Token is being rapidly developed and added to more and more cryptocurrency exchanges such as OpenLedger, Livecoin and it’s just the beginning.

What makes FUNCoin special and unique is the possibility to earn on commissions from every FUNCoin Blockchain performed transaction for all its ECO system participants.

So being a FUNCoin holder, every month you will be sent your dividends (it’s valid for both individual holders and separate projects).

Who can find FUNCoins useful and why?

For now, FUNCoins have been added as a payment method at FUN-CASINO for free. Any other gambling project can also easily add FUNCoins via API for FREE until September 1. So, your games will be played for FUNCoins which can be easily bought from trading pairs for Bitcoins, Ethereum, BitShares via OpenLedger DEX and Livecoin exchange.

On the chance that casino suffers losses, we are ready to sell FUNCoins for a special price to proceed with players’ withdrawals instantly.

In case of winnings you can simply accumulate FUNCoins and either sell them via exchanges at market price or receive your monthly earnings from holding tokens on your account.

As for the Affiliate casino programs, so they work the same way as in terms of bitcoins for example. But except from ordinary affiliate commission about 30-40%, every FUNCoin affiliate will receive 60% commission from every transaction performed via OpenLedger of the invited users (see below more detailed offer).

Dividends for FUNCoin Holders

Every month ALL FUNCoin holders will be paid their dividends from ALL FUNCoin operations. Thus, since you have at least 1 FUNCoin you or your project also participates in dividends payment.


Let’s imagine on the moment of distribution we have 3 FUNCoin holders and 2 projects operating on FUNCoins also. Total FUNCoin Fee collected from all FUNCoin projects is 30 FUNCoins.

FUNCoin dividends will be paid in the relative proportions depending on the FUNCoins amount every holder/project owns and will be sent to OpenLedger accounts automatically.

Let’s imagine 1st holder owns 5 FUNCoins, 2nd has 10 FUNCoins, 3rd has 20 FUNCoins while one project owns 5 FUNCoins and another one holds 60 FUNCoins. In total, they hold 5+10+20+5+60 = 100 FUNCoins.

So this is how the dividends will be calculated:

1st holder will receive 5/10030 = 1,5 FUNCoins 2nd holder 10/10030 = 3 FUNCoins 3rd holder 20/10030 = 6 FUNCoins 1st project 5/10030 = 1,5 FUNCoins 2nd project 60/10030 = 18 FUNCoins

These sums will be sent automatically to the relevant Bitshares accounts of FUNCoin holders on the distribution day.

*Note: Dividends will be paid for those users who hold their FUNCoins on OpenLedger accounts only. In terms with FUN-CASINO or any other FUNCoin projects, only project’s owner will recieve dividends.

Where and how I can buy FUNCoin?

To activate your FUNCoins, choose Add new currency on your balance page and find FNC currency there.

To deposit in FUNCoins, press Deposit (make sure FUNCoins are chosen as an active currency).

FUNCoin traders

We are ready to sell you a FUNCoin package for a special price, so that you could distribute them on your own. The cost will be lower the market price.

Don’t have FUNCoins yet?

FUNCoin token can be bought and sold via OpenLedger.

In case you do not have an account on OpenLedger, please follow the instructions in the following tutorials exactly as instructed in order for you to always be able in future to access this account. It is important you save the mentioned backup key and password, with this you are however able to access your account on any pc, anywhere in the world using the tutorial then based on being an existing user.

https://youtu.be/ttN0flPsnBc?list=PLkX0EYiQFfka8x9MoWDLqIZqfIdBhypKN - Tutorial #1 : Getting Started

https://youtu.be/RuvrcFyM2QQ?list=PLkX0EYiQFfka8x9MoWDLqIZqfIdBhypKN - Tutorial #2 : Importing Existing Wallets

https://youtu.be/_9bUY92Wro8?list=PLkX0EYiQFfka8x9MoWDLqIZqfIdBhypKN - Tutorial #3 : Funding your account with Bitcoin

https://bitshares.openledger.info/#/market/FUNC_OPEN.BTC – Buy your FUNCs for Bitcoins

https://bitshares.openledger.info/#/market/FUNC_OPEN.ETH - Buy your FUNCs for Ethereum

https://bitshares.openledger.info/#/market/FUNC_BTS - Buy your FUNCs for Bitshares

Another option is to buy them via Livecoin stock exchange. See the tutorial here.

Congratulations! Now you can either trade them or play for FUNCoins in FUN-CASINO.COM.