FUNCoins For Gambling Affiliates – Earn 60% from every transaction performed by the invited players!

Apart from ordinary casino affiliate commissions, receive your 60% Affiliate commission from every transaction performed via OpenLedger of the invited users. Whatever they trade or send their FUNCoins via OpenLedger fin-tech platform, you earn on the commissions from every transaction!


Let’s imagine you are FUNCoin affiliate who invited 2 FUNC holders – A, B.

Holder A decided to send his FUNCoins to his friend via OpenLedger and paid 100 coins fee for the transaction performed. While holder B paid 200 coins fee for trading via OpenLedger.

*It means you as an affiliate who invited these 2 active users will get 60% from their total fees sum (300 coins). So, your additional affiliate earnings will be 180 coins (300x0,6).

What are the steps?

  1. Register your account via OpenLedger
  2. Activate LTM account subscription
  3. Use link from LTM settings to invite new FUNCoin holders
  4. Earn 60% from all the transactions performed by the invited users

That’s so simple to earn with Fun-Casino!