FUN-CASINO wants more for you

More fun. More Offers. And More Ways to EARN!

And, we have GREAT news for you.

From MAY 1, 2017 FUNCoin became FUN-CASINOs Primary Currency.

Currently, FUN-CASINO operates on FUNCoins. FUNCoin tokens are based on Bitshares and issued on the OpenLedger fintech platform.

The FUNCoin can be deposited and played. Moreover, anyone who holds FUNCoin tokens will receive monthly Dividends.

Withdrawals in FUNCs will be available via request from the casino administrator and will be sent to your OpenLedger account immediately.

Furthermore, ANY winnings you make in FUNCoins can be paid out and withdrawn, without limits. If you win 1 Million FUNCoins, you will receive them to your OpenLedger wallet instantly!

We have even MORE bonuses for our players, including:

  • FUNCoin Affiliate 60% Extra Commissions
  • Unlimited instant FUNCoin withdrawals
  • Monthly Dividends Paid for FUNCoin holders from all FUNCoin performed transactions

FUNCoin trading via the OpenLedger DEX, the official OpenLedger fintech platform Please remember, that from May 1, 2017, Bitcoin games will be unavailable in FUN-CASINO, but you still have time to decide what to do with your Bitcoins.

There are no time limits for BTC cash outs - you can do it anytime. The only thing to remember is that after August 1, 2017 you will be able to receive them in FUNCs, either deposited to your FUN-CASINO player’s account or sent to your OpenLedger account (at the relevant FUNC-BTC exchange rate).

So open your OpenLedger account, and earn more with FUNCoin!